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Who is Cypress Ulysses?

I’m merely a writer, armed only with pen and paper, aspiring to make a living by honing my craft.

Is there an official release schedule?

There is an official release attempt. I will do my utter best to publish on a consistent schedule. You can more or less gauge the consistency of my release schedule by reviewing the timestamps from past releases.

What third-party websites does the author publish to?

In alphabetical order, and besides this one, you can read my writing for free on these websites: MoonQuillPatreonReddit, and RoyalRoad. And if you feel so inclined, you can follow me on social media via Facebook or Instagram.
If you would like to see my writing become available on your favorite website, you can suggest it using the Contact page of this website.

How can I contact the author?

You may contact the author using the contact form located on the Contact page of my website.

How can I support the author?

As a struggling artist, I rely on the goodwill of the community. Your support is both invaluable and dearly appreciated. If you feel ingratiated to me in any way for whatever reason, then you can provide your support by any means you find preferable or acceptable.
Simply telling your friends about the story you read and where they can find it would be helpful. Additional support may come in the form of critiques, feedback, and suggestions. These can all be provided directly to me, or in the comment sections of any of the websites I haunt, including this one. And any narration or translation services which might be discounted or volunteered would be greatly appreciated as well; inquiries can be made via the Contact page of this website.
As for monetization… well, while I’m not asking for any handouts or trying to sell you anything either, I certainly do still need money to survive in this imperfect world. Simply share what you can. Fair enough?
In addition to Patreon, you can donate to me directly via PayPal.

How can I report plagiarism?

Plagiarism is bad. Alas, though I try to stay on top of the criminal element, people are constantly finding new ways to fuel their misdeeds.
Whether you want to ascertain if plagiarism has indeed been committed, or simply want to report your suspicions, all claims of plagiarism, in any country or language, can be reported on the Contact page of my website.
However—and this is important—please, do not try to file a claim of plagiarism on my behalf to a third-party, as it may be possible that the work is, in fact, my own submission.

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