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The Sea Tower | Chapter 20

Chapter 20 The School of Hard Knocks A clamorous din, beset by some forty-odd people, greeted Treena and the girls at the schoolhouse gates. For an island with a population numbering in the hundreds, it was quite the turnout. Men and women shouted to be heard over one another, struggling

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 19

Chapter 19 The Road Less Travelled Treena clutched her daughter’s hands tightly to her side as they ran through the deserted streets. The battle lulled sometime after the Devanagari managed to turn the tide of the engagement, thoroughly devolving the battle into a slow-paced, one-sided shooting gallery. The sight

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The Warring Surf Brogan considered retiring, thinking that putting the life of a seadog behind him was worth weighing. “Dismantle the damn cannon, if you have to!” he shouted over the ruckus on-deck. “It does us no good pointing out at open waters.” Impatience had frayed his nerves,

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 17

Chapter 17 The Shifting Tide “What the hell was that?” Mikhail had barely spoken the words before the enemy opened fire. A cascade of explosions rocked the harbor and, as one, the crew turned to watch the Legothica suffer a series of devastating blows. Gouges were rent open along the

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Occulum Rising Nester sat on the lip of the Occulum, kicking his leg out in a swing. He had been watching the fleet of ships sailing for almost half an hour now, having been left in the care of two surly looking older mages by his uncle. He

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 15

Chapter 15 A Case of Triage “If that’s the case, then Istan is all but lost. We’ll never make it in time, nor should we expend the effort. We should focus, instead, on defending the main isle at all costs.” Kilgore said, stating his opinion as fact, and

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 14

Chapter 14 A Murder of Crows Glissinda sat atop the cliff face, cross-legged on a grassy knoll. The wind rustled her hair, much like it did the leaves atop the imposing tree off to her side. The black feathers in her hair shined as inky as her own raven locks,

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The Sea Tower | Chapter 13

Chapter 13 The War Council Ahmet took lunch in the dining room. Always. He and his wife, Calliope, preferred it that way. And as king and queen, they were entitled to their proclivities, benign as they might be at times. Before his tenure, the modest setting had been designated the

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